I wrote a post following an exceptional Elemis facial that I experienced a few days before leaving for Australia, then left it sitting in ‘drafts’, only to rediscover it now. I wasn’t going to leave the review off of my site due to how remarkable I found the results. Written three weeks ago…



Before leaving for Australia, on close inspection of my skin I could see that it wasn’t looking quite as fresh as I wanted it to. I knew I needed a thorough facial, but didn’t want to travel with obvious extraction after-effects (living in London I do need – and love – extraction to feel as fresh and rejuvenated as possible).

Elemis is one of those brands that doesn’t shout, isn’t overly hyped and just calmly exists while the laboratories create the most advanced products and procedures.

It had been too long since I had visited Elemis, I had been neglecting the brand and felt wholly guilty, I needed to remind myself just why it’s such a successful brand and loved by so many.

I booked myself into the Elemis Day Spa in London’s Mayfair, stopping in the Bond Street stores en route and arrived with a purchase or two that I hadn’t intended to make. Oops.

The Elemis Day Spa isn’t shouty or overly hyped either, it’s calm, traditional, but with advanced machinery and products that are classed as leaders in the beauty world for results.

I wanted a thorough facial that wasn’t going to leave an obvious reminder for the coming days that my skin had been cleaned and buffed perfectly, I needed an incredible facial that was going to send me off for two months in Australia – and I found it.

Elemis has every skin treatment you could want for every skin type and everything is done in such a calm, professional way that you truly get to relax while being treated.

I experienced the Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial, I couldn’t recommend it more for an all round face brightening, lifting, perfecting treatment. There were quite a few stages within the treatment, but nothing was over-done and I left with glowing skin, a firmer appearance – alsp knowing that this gentle, but extremely effective, procedure was not going to cause the post-treatment markings that are such dreaded after-effects.

Elemis, I shall be making a return as soon as I land back in London…






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Quite how I forgot to pack my can’t-live-without beauty products I have no idea, but the rush of flying back from New York Fashion Week to London, builders still working on our house refurbishments, thinking about the company I am consulting for in Sydney while attempting to pack for 7 weeks in Australia would go some way to explaining it


I emailed my assistant in a slight panic, I know which products work for my skin and my senses and to not have them with me makes me feel less than settled. No, really. Not in the sense that I have raised anxiety levels, but I do feel slightly less than myself when I don’t have my tried and tested (and I have tried and tested a LOT of products) favourites with me


Consulting for a brand in a new country, 10,000 miles from home and with jetlag, I knew my go to company for relaxation would be needed. Aromatherapy Associates oils and candles have been with me since my pregnancy in 2012, I found that the scents, treatments and overall feel of this brand make me feel secure, as strange as that may sound, it’s true. Like a warm blanket




One product in particular from de Mamiel I was keen to have shipped to me in the parcel from my assistant; the Altitude Oil – I will be flying to Fiji, Melbourne, Japan and then home to London so want this life saver with me. Created with powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, I will never fly without this again (I only wish I had packed it for my incredibly long flight over to Sydney!)




Without being able to escape the gorgeous toned surfer bodies of all who are out on the ocean across the road from my Sydney apartment, Air-Lite by Legology was the first thing I requested to be shipped from London! A state of the art contouring cream, the description on the Liberty London website was enough to have me sold “Delivering deep drainage benefits to lighten legs, this clever cream helps to reduce puffiness and cellulite, dissolve aches, pains and fatigue and rejuvenate and energise tired limbs” Yes please…




Who could not travel with Lanolips?? My skin saver! My lips are never, ever without the balm – I have some form of reaction to something (vague, I know) in every single lip balm I have tried. Every one, no matter how natural they claim to be. Lanolips is the only product that I can use to moisturise my lips without a terrible reaction the next day. I did buy Lanolips lip balm at Heathrow, I couldn’t not on a flight, but am having their skin cream shipped – I could buy it here, the brilliant founder is Australian, but seeing as I have already bought so much from this brand in London, it seemed a little strange to then buy a whole cosmetic bag more and travel home with the same products!




And then Astor, my sweet little boy who has had problems with eczema since he was tiny. Medicated washes were not our products of choice, I didn’t want anything too harsh for his skin on top of him dealing with such dryness (yes, I knew the dryness would clear, but I wanted something far more natural). Child’s Farm don’t claim to be life altering for a child’s skin, but what they do have is extreme research and an incredible team who cater for children with skin conditions such as eczema and other drying conditions. The washes I won’t be without for Astor, since using this range, his skin hasn’t been anywhere near as irritated and along with a super healthy diet, we have his skin issues under control





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- Wearing a Mayla dress in Hunter Valley -


Continuing to love and support the Scandinavian’s (with a Swedish husband and Danish blood, how could I not?), I was recently introduced to the label Mayla by friend and beautiful blogger Hedvig Opshaug of The Northern Light


I met with Mayla designer Marlene Abraham while she was in London during London Fashion Week and saw her collection first hand – a beautiful range of classic designs with just a touch of something that sets the pieces apart from other chic Scandinavian brands




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- Sweater Aiko – Jeans IDA -


Before I left London for my two months in Sydney, I spent a week wearing looks from DONNA IDA while being shot each day for their style feature on the DONNA IDA site.



- Sweater Wildfox – Jeans Frame Denim -




- Top La Prestic Ouiston – Jeans IDA -


Selecting the styles and washes from every one of my favourite denim brands made me realise I need never shop anywhere else for my jeans again!



- Sweater 360 – Jeans IDA -



The full interview and all clothing featured can be found on the DONNA IDA site





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I haven’t worn a one-piece for over 10 years, well, except for during my pregnancy, but that doesn’t count…


Swimwear is a tricky thing, I have the shape that suits me, always a bikini, always a slightly padded top with a boyish bottom half


Confidence comes with age they say, and they’re right (whoever they are, they’re right in this instance)…


My Sydney consultancy role continues and weekends for the next two months shall be spent on the beach. Today was the day I debuted my Orlebar Brown one-piece swimsuit; I’ve never felt more comfortable, confident and yes, sexy – you’ll be seeing a lot more of this swimsuit on Instagram I’m very sure







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PRIV – the beauty & fitness APP that saved my New York Fashion Week


-Union Square working out with a PRIV personal trainer-


Two weeks ago I headed to NY for the round of shows, presentations and meetings that fashion week brings
My schedule is never as intense as when I’m running to shows, attending events each night and making every moment in the city count
Time is always tight and finding a moment to head to a salon for a blow out, the gym to work out or even an hour for an express mani-pedi is near impossible – but when you’re in a city where everyone is out to look their most polished for this one week, these are things entirely necessary
This is where PRIV comes in
I stayed with my wonderful friend while in the city and PRIV was mentioned to me within 5 minutes of walking through her door. A PRIV therapist was en route to the apartment to give said friend an hours massage, on an actual massage bed; yes, PRIV don’t do things by half
I needed in
PRIV is an app, an abbreviation for Privilege, it’s super simple to use (I am not the most tech savvy here, so trust me, it’s super simple!) giving you the option to see who’s available in your area following your service request, what times they’re available, how far away they are from you…it’s absolutely ingenious and I cannot quite believe it hasn’t been available until PRIV!
All signed up, I started to PRIVit immediately
The next morning one of PRIV‘s incredible personal trainers was knocking on the door, perfectly on time and with upbeat energy, without being too much for that time in the morning! We trained where we could find some greenery (he had a spot all planned, there’s not a great deal of green areas in SoHo!) and I could not have been more thankful to move my body, without needing to head to a gym, pay an insane rate just to use their weights and eliptical machine
An event was that evening, the Carine Roitfeld party at The Plaza, I PRIV‘d a hair genius, he knew exactly what I wanted and created an incredible braid within 15 minutes
Massages, mani-pedis and yoga at home followed through the week, I was in heaven
Not only were the therapists and trainers super professional, they had all been trained the PRIV way when it came to looking after clients – impeccably and with a warm, sincere service
PRIV has just launched in LA and has a London date scheduled for Autumn
Download the PRIV app to expeicne this incredible company in NY and LA (and soon London!)

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