The one thing I can say is not an urban myth is the strain that being a new mother has on the eyes. The heavy lids and the lines that become all the more pronounced with severe lack of sleep certainly makes looking into a mirror less than appealing.

From my previous reviews you will know that whenever I am in serious need of skin rejuvenation I turn to Dr. Perricone. Now is one of those times.

I am a new mother trying to find a balance in my life with all the changes that a baby brings, but sleep deprivation is one change where balance is not possible to obtain (unless you are exceptionally fortunate!) My skin was certainly suffering, but the main cause for concern after the initial days with my newborn were my eyes.

I knew there was something that could be done to combat the effects of limited sleep on the now-visible lines around my eyes and heaviness of my upper lids, but finding a product that actually had the desired effect was going to take some time to find.

After many product trials and with my eyes still not restored to their previous glory, my thoughts turned to Dr. Perricone and how his products had been so effective in the past. I was directed to the PerriconeMD Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum and was both pleasantly surprised and relieved to find a serum that targeted both the upper and lower eye issues (something that I had not found in my extensive research into eye products).

Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum not only addresses the upper eye lid area by dramatically improving the visible signs of accelerated aging, but the additional benefits are a dramatic tightness and firmness of droopy eyelids, a smoothing of creases and minimized redness and dark circles.

PerriconeMD has once again proven to be the miracle brand I was hoping for, my eyes look more youthful and more alert than they ever did prior to my pregnancy!


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Recently introduced to this incredible brand by a New York fashion friend, I was pleasantly surprised that this children’s clothing was set so obviously apart from all other luxury labels that I have discovered over the past 9 months.


Being firmly set in London for the next month or two while Astor is so new to this world, I shall have to wait to experience the store in New York’s SoHo first hand, but from the website, the visuals that you are presented with from the homepage certainly allows you to get a feel for the brand.


From the carefully shot natural products to the sleek design of the site, I can see why my friend was so adamant that I should see Makie first hand. The children’s clothing range is extensive and for home there is such careful consideration for the designs – should you wish for the entire Makie lifestyle for your child – that I can fully understand why they have such respect within the industry.


For me, there are many clothing items that I shall be buying, but strangely, this is one place where the toys and housewares section was more appealing – you only have to see the handmade Apolline Rabbits to understand why!




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A cellulite treatment that actually works sounds as believable as finding that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow…well, all I can say is perhaps it would be wise to follow that rainbow as this cellulite treatment has dramatically improved the appearance of the dreaded (and extremely common) pregnancy related cellulite and now I believe anything. Well, within reason…

I was sceptical about a cream (a cream!) that could remove the visible cellulite that had accumulated in all the wrong places (are there any right places?!) during my pregnancy, but with an emergency cesarean scuppering any plans to spend any time exercising in the near future, I knew I had to do something to ease the less-than-welcome signs that the past 9 months of carrying my son had done to my body.

Sisley’s Celluli-Pro came highly recommended to me by a beauty editor friend of mine and goodness, where do I start with the praise for this remarkable product?!

A simple morning and evening application of the smoothing and heavenly scented cream seemed just too easy an answer for the dimples that were staring back at me in the mirror when viewing the backs of my thighs, but I read the instructions, adhered to what the geniuses at Sisley said and although my thighs have not fully returned to their early 2012 selves, there is a dramatic improvement.

Whether you are embarking on the journey of restoring your postpartum body to its former glory, or have left a cellulite situation sitting for too long and now need to kick start the process of reducing the unsightly appearance, then Celluli-Pro is without doubt the answer you have been searching for.



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Throughout my pregnancy it has of course been a challenge to find non-maternity designer clothing, but equally that challenge has been a welcome one and after 9 months of scrutinizing waistbands and hem lengths, I certainly feel ready to design my own collection (stay tuned!)

With Fall approaching, sweaters will of course play a huge part in my wardrobe for the coming months and this Alexander McQueen design is the perfect length and shape for both the pregnant and non-pregnant form. Teamed with vibrant leggings and the shoe shape of the season – pointed toe and 3″ heel – from YSL, it could only be accentuated by THE most amazing Valentino leopard with spike detail handbag.

**My son, Astor, is now in the world and this image was taken prior to his arrival. All pieces can still be found in stores**






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Often referenced in my posts, a number of you have requested to know a little more about my ‘perfect Swede’…


Nils Andén is quite simply the most wonderful, charming, intelligent, loving man I have ever met. Fortunately he is as in love with me as I am him, so it has all worked out incredibly well.


Far more sartorially daring than I, should he launch a blog, it would certainly be more visually appealing than mine, but being an understated Swede, that blog would never happen (unless I took it upon myself to photograph him each morning? But I very much doubt he would allow me to…)


Since the day I met this extraordinary man (and he is extraordinary), I knew I would be exceptionally fortunate to spend my life with him. Sickly sweet I know, but well, the truth concerning these things can often be that way…


An incredible husband-to-be (date set for next summer), Astor’s father, a man who continually tells our friends we shall have 5 children (now at the point where I am unsure he is joking about this) – put simply, the love of my life.


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I could not be more thrilled that such an inspirational woman has written such an inspirational book!


Latham Thomas has energy most can only dream of; when you add this energy to intelligence, passion and a desire for others to explore their creative edge through wellbeing, it means she is one heck of a force (but in the most wonderful, non-intimidating way).


This November Latham’s book ‘Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy’ will launch and as one who has been fortunate enough to read the book, I cannot recommend it highly enough. There are so many books on motherhood, maternity and pregnancy, but Mama Glow focuses on areas others do not (along with areas that others do, which is of course a good thing) and is an informative, compelling and insightful read.


A little more on Latham…


Latham Thomas is a maternity lifestyle maven, wellness & birth coach, and yogi on the vanguard of transforming the maternal wellness movement. A graduate of Columbia University & The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Latham is the founder of Mama Glow– a holistic lifestyle hub for women to explore their creative edge through wellbeing. Her practice provides support to pre/postnatal women along their journey to motherhood offering culinary and nutritional services, yoga, and birth coaching services. She is co-founder of the Mama Glow Film Festival– a platform for maternal advocacy through film and philanthropy. She recently launched the Mama Glow Salon Series– a platform for birthing conversations around cocktails, panels, and discussions- Bridging the gap between optimal wellness, spiritual growth, and radical self care Latham Thomas is emerging as the go-to-guru for modern holistic lifestyle for women during pregnancy and beyond! A sought after nutrition and lifestyle expert, her television appearances include The Dr. Oz Show, Fox News LIVE, CBS News, ABC Eyewitness News, NBC-LXTV, and Inside Edition. She has been featured in the New York Daily News, New York Post, Time Out New York, , Whole Living, Essence Magazine, VegNews, and the cover of Experience Life Magazine, She lives in New York City with her son Fulano and their turtle Climby. Latham is the author of forthcoming book, “Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy” in November of 2012 with Hay House. Latham is helping to green the planet one belly at a time.


To pre-order Latham’s incredible book, please follow either of the two links below:

Latham Thomas on Twitter @GlowMaven

Mama Glow on Twitter @MamaGlow_MGFF



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I wish I could say I followed the example of Gisele and worked out throughout my pregnancy, keeping my thighs toned and my arms sculpted, but alas, with morning sickness and my demanding role as fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar, heading to the gym was the very last thing I could consider even early into my first trimester.


With visions of myself walking miles days after the birth of my son and swimming most evenings, the harsh reality is that an emergency cesarean (that of course I had not anticipated!) has scuppered any plans of returning to a regular fitness regime for some time.


With the above in mind, I certainly was not prepared to sit back and do nothing about the weight I had gained during my pregnancy – the weight being a shock for someone who has worked at and maintained the same size since I was 18!


Following research for genuine, proven products that could get my body some way to where it was pre-pregnancy without also needing to combine strenuous exercise, Mama Mio was a brand that appeared to be the only one that could truly make this happen.


The first product I chose to test was the Bootcamp For Arms, one of the ‘Bootcamp’ packages that also includes firming answers for the ‘Tummy’, ‘Boobs’ and ‘Butt’. I was not disappointed…


The ‘Bootcamp’ packages include several products – in this case the set came with skincare products to exfoliate, tighten and tone, three words that mean more to me now than they ever have! Along with simple exercises that take up just four minutes of my day (four precious minutes now that I have a newborn!), I have noticed visible improvements in the appearance of my arms since I started on this very Bootcamp.


With such results, there is no question I shall be investing in the Bootcamp for Tummies, Butt and Boobs – if I cannot exercise on doctors orders, Mama Mio will be my answer to a smoother, tighter body for the coming months!




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The final days of summer are upon us, so I shall be taking this opportunity to don my peeptoe heels as often as the weather will allow until they are discarded in favour of a more wintery wardrobe. The one pure maternity item I will give in to is opaque maternity tights – I have been forewarned of the dangers of falling ‘normal’ tights!


Not only shall my peeptoe heels and any other such exposed footwear be packed away for another year, but this previously featured Alaia jacket, sigh… However, the excuse to look for another Alaia outerwear piece will more than make up for this one not seeing light for the next 6 months. Alaia hibernation could never be a bad thing as when unpacking the storage boxes next spring will prove nothing but delightful!


**My son, Astor, is now in the world and this image was taken prior to his arrival. All pieces can still be found in stores**












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There is very little to say about the Hermes ‘Avalon’ blanket, other than it is the most luxurious blanket a baby could wish to be wrapped in.


When receiving this beautiful gift following the birth of my baby boy (the wonderful person who bought Astor this blanket was convinced I had informed her I was having a baby girl!) I knew this would be with the family for many many years, surely to be passed on to my grandchildren.


Simply the most exquisite gift a newborn could receive…




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