For the readers of my blog, this will come as a shock to you, but I simply must review an actual, bona fide maternity product. Yes, I know I review the wonderful boob creams and miracle anti-stretch mark creams, but when it comes to clothing and bags, I have made it my mission to find anything but maternity designs.

Since my son was born three months ago, I now find it necessary to share with you that it’s near impossible to use a standard large tote bag as a baby bag (this was a sad discovery for me as I had recently indulged in a divine Goyard).

I had been told that the Sofia Storksak was the ‘Vuitton’ of baby bags and I can now see why; with its sleek design and many compartments, it truly is the saviour of the new mother. If you wish to save time and your sanity, I cannot recommend the Storksak Sofia bag highly enough; having now experienced first hand the immediacy of a newborns needs, you really do not have time to be searching in an enormous tote bag for the pouch containing whatever it may be you need at that very moment…

The Storksak Sofia and all other bags in the Storksak range can be viewed at WWW.STORKSAK.COM


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Petit Bateau, the darling children’s outfitter and Carven, the chic French fashion darlings have collaborated on a capsule collection – the result is an impossibly chic offering for both mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.


What Petit Bateau and Carven have to say about this inspired pairing…



The story of the meeting between two French fashion houses that share the same values of modernity and honesty. From this enthusiastic encounter was born the idea of a perfect set of clothes for women and men, girls and boys. This is a simple wardrobe that combines Petit Bateau’s expert quality with Carven’s inventive, elegant shapes. Classical is reinvented for everyday wear.






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With Astor now three months old and his skin changing at each stage of his growth, I wouldn’t wish to be unnecessarily cautious, but with such delicate skin, I have been paying extremely close attention to exactly what I use when it comes to body washes and oils.


With many organic skincare ranges now available for babies, I have been testing various brands over the past months and have certainly noticed a difference in the feel of Astor’s skin since discovering Tiddley-Pom; they have clearly given great consideration to not only the ingredients of their divine products, but also the beautiful packaging.


Clearly not content with just producing the finest organic skincare, they have also produced three CD’s, composed by Icelandic genius Fridrik Karlsson. The CD’s are there to soothe babies to sleep, as a soundtrack during massage, or for a time of closeness with their ‘cuddles’ offering.


With the subtle, elegant designs and heavenly scents, I shall not only be investing in more Tiddley-Pom products for my baby, but certainly for use on my own skin…




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With post-pregnancy baby weight to contend with, I shall try anything in an attempt to mask the unwanted inches until I am back to my post-pregnancy shape (which I am determined to regain in no time with the help of expert trainer Tim Weeks www.timweeks.co.uk !)


A product I recently discovered is the Cinch Post Natal Belly Band. The Cinch is not going to miraculously help you to lose actual inches or weight, but whilst wearing this comfortable band, it does hold your stomach in and offer back support.


Until I have lost the baby weight that I gained throughout my pregnancy, this highly praised band shall certainly ensure my shape and posture are visibly improved whilst wearing it!




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Discovering incredible new skincare ranges is always thrilling, but it seems I was behind many of my peers in the fashion industry when it came to discovering the brilliant OSKIA range of beauty products and supplements.

Rapidly earning the title of cult products for 2012, I was introduced to these natural skincare products by a beauty editor friend and with the products being entirely free of any harmful ingredients, I am pleased to say they are safe to use now for the next months whilst I am still breastfeeding Astor.

More about OSKIA…

OSKIA is a British high performance luxury skincare brand. The name is derived from the ancient English for ‘delivering nutrients’ and ‘beauty’.
We aim to take the complexity out of skincare to deliver a ‘back to roots’ programme designed to rebuild skin cell health through vital nutrition and target skin concerns with the best clinical bio-actives to reveal beautiful, healthy skin that you are really proud of.
Our luxury skin care products & supplements contain the holy grail of vital skin nutrients – targeted minerals, vitamins, glucides, proteins, amino acids & omegas to rebuild your skin’s health to bring it into optimum efficiency. We then include specific clinical bio-actives, including Stem Cells, to target specific skin concerns from fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and loss of elasticity. We only use clinical and proven natural actives.
In all OSKIA products, our MSM-Regen Complex™, with its natural collagen boosting, repairing and regenerating properties, is combined with breakthrough botanical, mineral and marine bio-actives that are ALL scientifically-proven to work.
OSKIA only uses the most pure, proven natural ingredients and all products are free of all skin unfriendly ingredients, paraben free and suitable during pregnancy.


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