I haven’t worn a one-piece for over 10 years, well, except for during my pregnancy, but that doesn’t count…


Swimwear is a tricky thing, I have the shape that suits me, always a bikini, always a slightly padded top with a boyish bottom half


Confidence comes with age they say, and they’re right (whoever they are, they’re right in this instance)…


My Sydney consultancy role continues and weekends for the next two months shall be spent on the beach. Today was the day I debuted my Orlebar Brown one-piece swimsuit; I’ve never felt more comfortable, confident and yes, sexy – you’ll be seeing a lot more of this swimsuit on Instagram I’m very sure







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PRIV – the beauty & fitness APP that saved my New York Fashion Week


-Union Square working out with a PRIV personal trainer-


Two weeks ago I headed to NY for the round of shows, presentations and meetings that fashion week brings
My schedule is never as intense as when I’m running to shows, attending events each night and making every moment in the city count
Time is always tight and finding a moment to head to a salon for a blow out, the gym to work out or even an hour for an express mani-pedi is near impossible – but when you’re in a city where everyone is out to look their most polished for this one week, these are things entirely necessary
This is where PRIV comes in
I stayed with my wonderful friend while in the city and PRIV was mentioned to me within 5 minutes of walking through her door. A PRIV therapist was en route to the apartment to give said friend an hours massage, on an actual massage bed; yes, PRIV don’t do things by half
I needed in
PRIV is an app, an abbreviation for Privilege, it’s super simple to use (I am not the most tech savvy here, so trust me, it’s super simple!) giving you the option to see who’s available in your area following your service request, what times they’re available, how far away they are from you…it’s absolutely ingenious and I cannot quite believe it hasn’t been available until PRIV!
All signed up, I started to PRIVit immediately
The next morning one of PRIV‘s incredible personal trainers was knocking on the door, perfectly on time and with upbeat energy, without being too much for that time in the morning! We trained where we could find some greenery (he had a spot all planned, there’s not a great deal of green areas in SoHo!) and I could not have been more thankful to move my body, without needing to head to a gym, pay an insane rate just to use their weights and eliptical machine
An event was that evening, the Carine Roitfeld party at The Plaza, I PRIV‘d a hair genius, he knew exactly what I wanted and created an incredible braid within 15 minutes
Massages, mani-pedis and yoga at home followed through the week, I was in heaven
Not only were the therapists and trainers super professional, they had all been trained the PRIV way when it came to looking after clients – impeccably and with a warm, sincere service
PRIV has just launched in LA and has a London date scheduled for Autumn
Download the PRIV app to experience this incredible company in NY and LA (and soon London!)

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I’m back from New York. I landed this morning and am feeling a little tired following the overnight flight, which is never quite long enough to sleep properly. What a trip – shows, events and catching up with everyone new and old that I love in the city.

Having completed almost the entire Net-A-Porter x Nike 7 Day Body Reboot (my flight got in the way of seeing the 7 days through to the end), I landed in New York feeling somewhat different. Ordinarily when reaching New York, a city I visit several times a year, I head straight for one of my favourite restaurants to meet friends and have a hearty all American meal. This time I felt I just couldn’t. Not in a way that was restricting, just that I felt so good about my energy levels and tighter body that I simply didn’t want to throw away my good work


I continued to follow Joslyn Thompson’s workout plan during my 6 days in NY; the workouts didn’t require an enormous amount of equipment, so I bought inexpensive weights, a mat and band to continue where I left off in London – as the workouts are under 20 minutes a day, it was easy to find time to complete any one of the routines each morning


Eating was a little trickier; restaurants and eating on the move between shows meant I couldn’t follow Rose Ferguson’s plan as I had been in London, but I did avoid cakes and all other sweet things that I would perhaps have reached for when I needed a little energy boost – I had almonds and an apple instead.


Now I am back I shall be ordering the same foods that I had bought at the beginning of my Net-A-Porter 7 Day Body Reboot and starting all over again, let’s hope with London Fashion Week fast approaching I can stick to the plan with more ease being in my own city and waking in my own bed each morning…



The full workout and eating plan can be found at




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I needed to escape the heat! New York is 30oC and so incredibly sticky that it’s uncomfortable to be outside. My face felt so clogged due to the make-up combined with the heat and dirt from the streets of this bustling city


I spoke to girlfriends who live in New York and told them I needed to find a quiet haven to have a super advanced facial, one that would ensure in one session my skin would be clear, radiant and glowing, ready for the Carine Roitfeld party at the Plaza that evening


Erno Laszlo Institute was the reply from so many


I stepped into the West Broadway located Institute expecting just another wonderful clinic, but instead I got an altogether more overwhelming experience.


The Erno Laszlo Institute is a space of magnificence, science and calm. The therapists are all highly trained, this becomes obvious within a moment or two of speaking with them during the initial consultation


There was so much to look at, but nothing was too much. Images of Hollywood greats lined the walls, the women who trusted nobody else but Erno Laszlo to touch their faces; Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and in addition the one nobody could forget, Jackie Kennedy


With a beautiful, but technical, oxygen chamber, sleek therapy rooms and Erno Laszlo products in strikingly designed refrigerators on the floors of this magnificent space, you know you are somewhere very special




My treatment was a facial that my therapist instinctively knew I should have upon first sight of my skin. A deep exfoliation, microdermabrasion, steam, mask, it was everything my skin could have needed and although it sounds as though a lot happened (well, it did), my skin was left looking so fresh, so young and I left feeling so confident that in the middle of fashion week, in the middle of chic Soho, I walked down the streets without a spot of make-up on my face. This, for someone who is in their mid-thirties and conscious of always looking at their most presentable, was extraordinary


My wish is that an Erno Laszlo Institute would open in London, but for those fortunate enough to be in New York city now or anytime in the future, this is a skin experience that will change the way you view beauty treatments forever







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Staying with a friend who is a fashion designer means her showroom space downstairs is filled with clothing and more importantly a room of archive and current collection Manolo Blahnik’s! Shoe heaven…



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