There has never been any doubt in my mind that Sisley products have the ability to repair, enhance and dramatically improve the appearance of the skin


Having previously used Sisley when leading up to occasions where I would be under the spotlight, such as speaking at events, important birthday’s and certainly any photoshoots, I had no hesitation in revisiting this old friend to ensure flawless wedding day skin


There were a few products I knew I would need in particular; an eye cream, miracle night cream and a gentle but effective exfoliant


With late nights due to an increased workload, wedding prep and also answering all correspondence regarding the house we are buying (yes, in the same month as getting married!) a soothing, highly effective eye cream could not be more necessary and the answer to any potential problems came in the form of The Supreme Anti-Aging Eye Serum. The texture is somewhere between an eye cream and serum and just falls into the skin. My experience has been a week of religious use and I can see a softening of the skin around the eyes and a brighter tone without question


An exfoliant can never not be on my beauty shelves such is the need to regenerate the skin with the air in London (it’s not known for being the purest air of course…) My skin doesn’t respond to harsh scrubs, so the Creme Gommante (Sisley’s gentle facial buffing cream) gently treats my skin without pulling, damaging or causing redness – and I have yet to smell a cream with a more heavenly scent


As for the ultimate pre-wedding cream to repair and restore my skin at night? Sisley’s Global Anti-Age is the cream that I know will do everything I need it to do within a month (23 days to go as of today…) I started using the Global Anti-Age cream two weeks ago and the way in which my skin wakes is a sure sign that the science behind this product is as effective as you would expect. No longer tired, my skin wakes with a certain freshness and plumpness that has been lacking of late (again, late nights working on everything that is going on in my life right now is not working wonders for my skin!) The cream restores, regenerates and reduces ill-effects hormonal changes can cause to the skin, all areas that I currently need to address and am already clearly on my way to achieving the skin I so desire for my wedding day with this very product



I am soon to experience a Sisley facial that I have heard so many great things about and shall review with my findings in the coming weeks…






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