As most of you know, along with being a mummy, styling, writing, and with my store opening in January 2015, I’m also a spinning instructor – an intense spinning instructor. Those in my twice weekly classes experience another level of spin; the moving bikes, the incredible playlists and the fact that I will work you harder on that bike than you ever thought possible. With that said, apart from running, this is all I do. I want to be more supple, I want to engage other muscle groups, I want to have the ultimate body…


This week I am starting that process, to get the firmest, most toned (while remaining feminine) body, the one I have always wanted. Yes, I’m super fit, but I can be so much fitter.


Net-A-Porter and Nike are working together and have devised a training and eating 7-Day Body Reboot programme, which is running on the Net-A-Sporter space within the site. Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson and leading nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson are behind the 7 daily workouts and eating plans that I shall be putting myself through for the coming week.


I’m excited. I’m excited to see results, I’m excited to see if my sugar cravings (the disaster in my life of health and wellbeing) disappear, I’m excited to see and feel a serious difference in my body. No chocolate, no coffee – not one thing that isn’t going to be what my body needs and deserves.


Over the next seven days I shall be uploading my progress here and on my Instagram account; a diary for this week of pure wellbeing…



Day 1 – Strength Training. Working with a yoga mat and kettlebell. I may be a spin instructor, but only use certain muscle groups and this is a whole other challenge for my body




Until this week, when Net-A-Porter and Nike asked me to be a part of their 7-Day Body Reboot programme, I didn’t have a juicer at home. For someone who has a fresh juice daily or doesn’t feel quite as alive inside, buying a juice elsewhere seemed an obvious, simple option (which it is). But why was I buying juices when I could make my own? Rosemary Ferguson’s juice recipes, part of the Net-A-Sporter programme, are delicious and incredibly simple to prepare.




At a point during most afternoons I need to reach for something sweet, chocolate usually, and I’m not fussy about which type it is (organic yes, but milk, dark, white, I’ll take anything.) I noticed today, already, a change in my cravings. I haven’t dipped. Instead of chocolate I’ve snacked on apple and almonds. Following this fitness and eating plan may just change everything…




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