I wrote a post following an exceptional Elemis facial that I experienced a few days before leaving for Australia, then left it sitting in ‘drafts’, only to rediscover it now. I wasn’t going to leave the review off of my site due to how remarkable I found the results. Written three weeks ago…



Before leaving for Australia, on close inspection of my skin I could see that it wasn’t looking quite as fresh as I wanted it to. I knew I needed a thorough facial, but didn’t want to travel with obvious extraction after-effects (living in London I do need – and love – extraction to feel as fresh and rejuvenated as possible).

Elemis is one of those brands that doesn’t shout, isn’t overly hyped and just calmly exists while the laboratories create the most advanced products and procedures.

It had been too long since I had visited Elemis, I had been neglecting the brand and felt wholly guilty, I needed to remind myself just why it’s such a successful brand and loved by so many.

I booked myself into the Elemis Day Spa in London’s Mayfair, stopping in the Bond Street stores en route and arrived with a purchase or two that I hadn’t intended to make. Oops.

The Elemis Day Spa isn’t shouty or overly hyped either, it’s calm, traditional, but with advanced machinery and products that are classed as leaders in the beauty world for results.

I wanted a thorough facial that wasn’t going to leave an obvious reminder for the coming days that my skin had been cleaned and buffed perfectly, I needed an incredible facial that was going to send me off for two months in Australia – and I found it.

Elemis has every skin treatment you could want for every skin type and everything is done in such a calm, professional way that you truly get to relax while being treated.

I experienced the Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial, I couldn’t recommend it more for an all round face brightening, lifting, perfecting treatment. There were quite a few stages within the treatment, but nothing was over-done and I left with glowing skin, a firmer appearance – alsp knowing that this gentle, but extremely effective, procedure was not going to cause the post-treatment markings that are such dreaded after-effects.

Elemis, I shall be making a return as soon as I land back in London…






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