9London owner Emily Evans is a genius. It’s that simple. From launching her clothing line to developing her unbelievably effective creams, she is one of the clear leaders in a market that has grown considerably in recent years. Over 10 years of experience designing exclusive maternity wear and developing products that ensure your body returns to its pre-pregnancy form gives her the edge over so many other brands that have appeared on the market since her launch.

I am honored to be one of the first to receive the ‘Brilliant Bust Cream’, which arrived in 9London’s unique packaging yesterday and I can safely say that the luxurious, heavenly cream will undoubtedly give the same incredible results that the ‘Super Stretch Mark Cream’ has over the past months since I started using it.

I cannot claim that the bust cream works (unless I wake up tomorrow, having used the cream for 48 hours, with a whole new look!), but what I can say is that 9London founder Emily Evans would not allow any of her products to be launched without knowing they were of the same high standard of all other creams in her range – she has spent the past 10 years building a flawless reputation, that much I can confirm…



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