With the end of breastfeeding comes a time to refresh your skincare regime and indulge in new products. I had a number of newly launched beauty products or ranges that I had been introduced to that I would have been unable to use due to certain ingredients (nothing terribly harsh, just ill-advised while breastfeeding) and so with a world I had paid such close attention to being opened up once more, it was time to experiment…


Erno Laszlo was a name I knew due to many girlfriends in New York being ardent fans, but now my London friends have discovered the brilliance of this skincare, I thought it was time to trial the products for myself.


Erno Laszlo is a range that exudes luxury; from the traditional, elegant packaging to the heritage, to the products themselves, you know that this is a brand that prides itself on producing only the finest skincare.


Knowing I needed a revolutionary new moisturising cream and serum for maximum skin restoring results following broken sleep with a new baby , I opted for the Phormula 3-9 Discovery Set (you can buy the cream and serum separately of course) and having used the products for some weeks now, their promise of a more youthful appearance due to ‘superior hydration, strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties for renewed skin cell energy’ is apparent in my newly-radiant skin.


With Erno Laszlo being most highly regarded skin cleansing system there is  – I urge you to read the incredible story of the brand’s heritage on the website ERNO LASZLO/HERITAGE –  and now having seen the results of their moisturizing products, I am in no doubt that this weekend shall see some worthy new additions from this most genius of skincare brands being placed on my beauty shelves at home…







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