A main focus for a bride is her hair and a main focus for the guests is the bride’s hair – an exquisite braid creation or elegant chignon is all well and good, but if the colour is less than perfect, it will be noted.


Having trialled leading salons over the past months, my hair has been coloured various shades of blonde (I couldn’t imagine being anything less than two-weeks-on-a-beach blonde) and although no one result has left me recoiling behind the complimentary stack of magazines, there is one salon that is a clear choice for my own wedding next spring.


Josh Wood Colour have a flawless reputation when it comes to perfecting the desired tones of clients hair, but it’s all a little more than that…


The salons are cool, yet elegant, the technicians modern, but able to lend their hands to any direction (even a style that may fall a little far into the past, but if that’s what a client wants…) – and hair is only one element to this all encompassing growing empire.


The team of 30+ wouldn’t be working with Josh Wood Atelier if they weren’t the most talented in the business, but there are a few names that I hear more and more mentions of in my daily life as a fashion editor. The technician who has literally changed the way I see my colour, Leanne Galvin, creates an overall tone unlike one I have seen before – a delicious mix of fresh, golden, healthy, sunkissed hues. Then there’s the brother and sister dream-team George and Sally Northwood; one half to give you the cut you could only imagine you would be able to rock and the other to create a colour to compliment this very new you. And of course, the man with the name on the door, Josh Wood, a man who certainly needs no introduction…


And this may have very little to do with hair, but my God do the smoothies I have at the West London atelier taste good.






(image taken from TheWeddingEditor/Roland Mouret film – see FILMS)

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