Writing this from the perspective of a new mother, unless you are in the 1% of exceptionally fortunate people, you will be feeling a little less than your spectacular self in the first months following the arrival of your new addition.

Cosmetic surgery is eventually an option for some, but although wrinkles have appeared as the result of natural aging as I am now in my mid-thirties, I would prefer to find a product that could give me the anti-aging results as opposed to resorting to a needle!

I have returned to PerriconeMD throughout the years when needing assistance from a true professional and now is certainly one of those times. With lack of sleep and a somewhat exhausting schedule that comes with having a new baby, my skin is not as radiant as I would like and so I set about researching which brand would give me the results I needed at this stage in my life.

With many products tested and the aforementioned lack of sleep taken into consideration, the product that gave the greatest and most obvious results was by far the newly launched Formula 15.

PerriconeMD Formula 15 is a concentrated, professional-grade formulation of the original Face Firming Activator and having been fortunate enough to have used the product, the results have left my complexion looking far more energized, smoothed and with an obvious reduction in the depth of lines and wrinkles than before my beautiful baby arrived – something I consider to be an absolute miracle!






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