Imagine if you will a 5 star private island resort level spa with the most tranquil setting, incredibly welcoming staff, strikingly beautiful surroundings and the most relaxing 2 hours you could possibly wish for. I have just described the Ushvani Spa in Chelsea. Yes, Chelsea, London. Upon walking into the salon, I felt I was back in Malaysia, only without the mosquito’s hovering over my head and causing unsightly damage to my legs. Unless you experience the spa first hand, I don’t feel any description could possibly do Ushvani justice. The interior of the listed townhouse has been transformed into a Malay utopia, with rooms decorated to beyond the usual level of a luxury city spa and every detail has been covered, but not saturated, so you never feel as though it has been overdone. A consultation preceded my pregnancy massage treatment and the therapist, although never having experienced pregnancy herself, knew more than I could ever hope to about the inner workings of the body whilst pregnant. I not only left with an entirely relaxed and soothed body, but also with a greater knowledge of just how to care for myself and my unborn baby. The only way to coming even slightly close to describing the Ushvani Spa is ‘utter, utter heaven’.


-Pippa Vosper-

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