I needed to escape the heat! New York is 30oC and so incredibly sticky that it’s uncomfortable to be outside. My face felt so clogged due to the make-up combined with the heat and dirt from the streets of this bustling city


I spoke to girlfriends who live in New York and told them I needed to find a quiet haven to have a super advanced facial, one that would ensure in one session my skin would be clear, radiant and glowing, ready for the Carine Roitfeld party at the Plaza that evening


Erno Laszlo Institute was the reply from so many


I stepped into the West Broadway located Institute expecting just another wonderful clinic, but instead I got an altogether more overwhelming experience.


The Erno Laszlo Institute is a space of magnificence, science and calm. The therapists are all highly trained, this becomes obvious within a moment or two of speaking with them during the initial consultation


There was so much to look at, but nothing was too much. Images of Hollywood greats lined the walls, the women who trusted nobody else but Erno Laszlo to touch their faces; Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and in addition the one nobody could forget, Jackie Kennedy


With a beautiful, but technical, oxygen chamber, sleek therapy rooms and Erno Laszlo products in strikingly designed refrigerators on the floors of this magnificent space, you know you are somewhere very special




My treatment was a facial that my therapist instinctively knew I should have upon first sight of my skin. A deep exfoliation, microdermabrasion, steam, mask, it was everything my skin could have needed and although it sounds as though a lot happened (well, it did), my skin was left looking so fresh, so young and I left feeling so confident that in the middle of fashion week, in the middle of chic Soho, I walked down the streets without a spot of make-up on my face. This, for someone who is in their mid-thirties and conscious of always looking at their most presentable, was extraordinary


My wish is that an Erno Laszlo Institute would open in London, but for those fortunate enough to be in New York city now or anytime in the future, this is a skin experience that will change the way you view beauty treatments forever







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