– Astor and I with the Joolz Day in Studio Gris –


As the months have past and Astor has grown faster than I imagined possible, his needs have of course changed in so many ways and one of the main things I wanted to ensure for my growing boy was that he received the best support through these all important first years


Since Astor’s birth, I have experienced several strollers, which have been wonderful, but now I feel I have found the perfect model from a brand who has so much to give back in so many ways


Joolz not only creates perfect products, they are one of the leading brands for creating environmental awareness. Packaging is considered, forests are planted and they are continuously finding ways to protect the planet




Joolz is a company that was introduced to me in the summer. I have to admit that I hadn’t heard or seen much from the brand, although now that I am the very contented owner of one of their expertly designed strollers, I see Joolz models being used by so many other mummy’s (not to mention celebrities). I now know why Joolz is becoming the name to go to for every reason parents could think of when considering the perfect stroller


Comfortable, chic and incredibly designed for ease of use, I could not be more thrilled to have Joolz in my – and certainly Astor’s – life



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