There is a whole world of beautiful baby products out there that I certainly would not have discovered had I not have had my own adorable baby.


Previously, any friend to give birth would receive a pampering package as a gift as I was a firm believer (and to some extent still am) that any new mother needs to be treated to some well deserved R&R, even if that time is rather limited! However, my eyes have been opened…


If you are looking to conceal baby products that perhaps do not fit with your chic appearance – i.e. nappies, baby creams and wipes – then one of the most exquisite baby bag ranges available is by Anya Hindmarch.


The collection is limited to just a few styles, but the cases and bags that cater for all newborn needs are truly divine in their sleek tones and would blend well with any fashion conscious mothers daily attire.




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