As the arrival of my baby draws ever-closer, thoughts are leading to his wardrobe, nursery and all other such baby necessities that in my job as a fashion editor I have yet to experience. I have been guided by my eternally chic girlfriends and everything is coming together, not least his incredible little wardrobe of chic clothing!


BONTON is an adorable French children’s outfitter, which is the perfect aesthetic for the classic (predominantly French it seems) collection I am putting together for this little person. Exceptionally well made and perfectly designed pieces fill the boys and girls collections, all classically tailored and available from the age of 0-12.


If I had time between being a new mother, MaternallyChic and my agreement to still consult for brands while I am on maternity leave from Harper’s Bazaar, then I would have launched another sartorial blog for my little boy…but I think with everything else that is happening in my life, that may be a little too adventurous!



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