When considering everything that one needs to purchase in preparation for a new baby – especially the first – my main focus has certainly been which stroller I would choose for my newborn son.

With so many to choose from, be they of sleek or traditional design, there is so much more to research than simply the appearance (although in the case of myself and fellow fashion industry friends of mine, appearance is of course still a high priority!)

I visited countless stores, spoke to anyone whose opinion I trusted and tested numerous strollers before deciding, as had been my initial choice many months ago, on the Bugaboo.

I live in Notting Hill, the centre of the yummy mummies, so of course had seen every chic parent pushing various shapes and sizes of these baby carriers, although until relatively recently had no idea which company they were, just that on a typical day I would see the distinctive logo pass me on average 30 times!

With three main designs – the ever-popular Chameleon, the ultimate in design Donkey and the cannot-be-touched for city living Bee – Bugaboo has taken into consideration every type of parent and every need of the child.

Various colourways, countless accessories and collaborations with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Missoni and Viktor & Rolf make this the unrivaled brand for chic, fashion conscious parents who also want to ensure that the body of each design has the ultimate support for their child.




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