With email, social media and texting, the art of communication has become so immediate and somewhat impersonal that I knew early on in my pregnancy that I wished to announce the birth of my beautiful baby in a more traditional manner.

It was decided that birth announcement cards would be the most perfect way of informing our most treasured family and friends of the arrival of our son, whom we named Astor, into the world.

There are a number of companies that were discussed for the announcement cards and various factors were taken into consideration when deciding just who we would choose to produce such cards; a company rich in tradition, a company that had the personal touch and of course the all important factor of just who would present us with the highest quality product.

After much research, it was quite obvious that PRANTL would be the company that would be able to deliver on all of the above and we certainly were not disappointed when the delivery of announcement cards arrived in the most exquisite packaging. The cards themselves could not have been more precise to the brief that was given and in fact, they far exceeded any expectations.

PRANTL not only design birth announcement cards, but produce every type of stationery possible, including wedding stationery, event stationery and all business and personal requirements.

I could not recommend PRANTL highly enough.


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  1. MrsH1

    on 24/09/12 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Pippa! And what a wonderful way to announce your pregnancy…these cards are gorgeous.

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