Whilst pregnant, I have of course had the thoughts (pre-programmed?) that I should be playing a continual loop of Mozart to my unborn baby in the hope that he will appreciate the music as much as myself and the Swede do and will grow up to be a classically trained musician, or at least know his Puccini from his Vivaldi. Holding my tiny earphones or substantially larger iPad dock to my stomach would prove neither effective nor practical, but one absolutely amazing product was brought to my attention that I will be forever grateful for is the RITMO sound system.

The RITMO is unique in its design, unbelievably comfortable and delivers sound to the baby using 4 perfectly placed speakers on the waistband – the answer to just how I would be able to deliver music to this little person while still being able to do everything my day requires (I suspect that styling a shoot with just one hand while the other holds and iPod dock would be no mean feat!)




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