For the readers of my blog, this will come as a shock to you, but I simply must review an actual, bona fide maternity product. Yes, I know I review the wonderful boob creams and miracle anti-stretch mark creams, but when it comes to clothing and bags, I have made it my mission to find anything but maternity designs.

Since my son was born three months ago, I now find it necessary to share with you that it’s near impossible to use a standard large tote bag as a baby bag (this was a sad discovery for me as I had recently indulged in a divine Goyard).

I had been told that the Sofia Storksak was the ‘Vuitton’ of baby bags and I can now see why; with its sleek design and many compartments, it truly is the saviour of the new mother. If you wish to save time and your sanity, I cannot recommend the Storksak Sofia bag highly enough; having now experienced first hand the immediacy of a newborns needs, you really do not have time to be searching in an enormous tote bag for the pouch containing whatever it may be you need at that very moment…

The Storksak Sofia and all other bags in the Storksak range can be viewed at WWW.STORKSAK.COM


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