With Astor now three months old and his skin changing at each stage of his growth, I wouldn’t wish to be unnecessarily cautious, but with such delicate skin, I have been paying extremely close attention to exactly what I use when it comes to body washes and oils.


With many organic skincare ranges now available for babies, I have been testing various brands over the past months and have certainly noticed a difference in the feel of Astor’s skin since discovering Tiddley-Pom; they have clearly given great consideration to not only the ingredients of their divine products, but also the beautiful packaging.


Clearly not content with just producing the finest organic skincare, they have also produced three CD’s, composed by Icelandic genius Fridrik Karlsson. The CD’s are there to soothe babies to sleep, as a soundtrack during massage, or for a time of closeness with their ‘cuddles’ offering.


With the subtle, elegant designs and heavenly scents, I shall not only be investing in more Tiddley-Pom products for my baby, but certainly for use on my own skin…




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