Maintaining a level of allure and desirability when it comes to underwear whilst pregnant often proves extremely tricky. When your breasts are naturally fuller than you would have ever imagined possible and you need uncompromising support, the maternity ranges that are currently available are less than attractive.


Knowing you need to support your fuller breasts in order to go some way towards preventing their loss of shape, the word that comes to mind to describe the ranges that I have discovered is ‘sturdy’. Not particularly appealing is it?


Bodas was the range that I found most attractive while pregnant, and now while nursing. There are lace ranges to be found by other designers which I felt would have worked, but the substantial coverage of an ample chest just was not flattering, so the simplicity of the smooth Bodas designs became my answer to looking as lovely as possible while maintaining the support needed.


The Bodas range is not extensive, but while needing to find a simple yet chic answer for the pregnancy stages and through the feeding months, this certainly was all I needed…




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