As a fashion editor with very particular tastes, I found the available relevant reading material as a newly expectant mother incredibly limited, to say the least. From the hundreds of maternity websites, there were very few that I could relate to, until I was introduced to one particular website that tapped into every subject that interested me in the new world that I was soon to be a part of.

ElizabethStreet.com provides content that is not far removed from the magazines I subscribe to each month, an online ‘mother-directed Vanity Fair’ if you will. With like-minded mothers sharing their daily style to the latest discoveries and global city directory of the best places to eat, shop and stay, this truly is one destination where the chicest mothers can be inspired in every area of motherhood.

ElizabethStreet on ElizabethStreet…

An international collective of chic moms who know that life is best lived with style
Your global destination for discoveries in fashion, food, street chic, travel, design, and family life
A favorite new clutch, a strong macchiato, your child’s next birthday cake, your next island retreat, a hidden Paris bistro, the ultimate summer camp, a digital photography class
Where style is measured by taste, not a price tag
A place where children benefit through ElizabethST charitable donations
A state of mind


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