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– Dress from IRIS in Chiswick, London. Beautiful beach, Sydney –


As most of you know from my daily Instagram posts, I’m still in Australia and making the very most of the weekends when I’m not working. Every weekend, Nils, Astor and I have travelled outside of the main hub of Sydney life and found ourselves in destinations we have always wanted to experience; the Blue Mountains, the rainforest of Daintree, Palm Beach, Hunter Valley and of course the beauty of the beaches that Australia is so rightly famous for


Beach or no beach, my travel wardrobe is something that I always consider and with our London house renovations in Chiswick, I was tied to our new home before leaving London and had no time to head outside of my neighbourhood for a wardrobe update for two months in sunny Sydney – then I discovered the IRIS boutique opposite Soho House’s Chiswick highroad residence


Iris is a boutique made for me, my tastes and with just the right level of designer, I found I could buy every piece I needed to update the wardrobe I would have with me for my two months working in Australia, the perfect shopping destination for my new life in this new space




Isabal Marant, BA&SH, Vanessa Bruno and APC are amongst the other perfectly edited pieces in this chic boutique that I wouldn’t have thought could be found on my doorstep (sorry Chiswick, I had obviously underestimated you)


The BA&SH dress I am wearing in the images has been with me on most weekends outside of Sydney and it’s one I shall be wearing for many trips ahead, so thank you IRIS





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Quite how I forgot to pack my can’t-live-without beauty products I have no idea, but the rush of flying back from New York Fashion Week to London, builders still working on our house refurbishments, thinking about the company I am consulting for in Sydney while attempting to pack for 7 weeks in Australia would go some way to explaining it


I emailed my assistant in a slight panic, I know which products work for my skin and my senses and to not have them with me makes me feel less than settled. No, really. Not in the sense that I have raised anxiety levels, but I do feel slightly less than myself when I don’t have my tried and tested (and I have tried and tested a LOT of products) favourites with me


Consulting for a brand in a new country, 10,000 miles from home and with jetlag, I knew my go to company for relaxation would be needed. Aromatherapy Associates oils and candles have been with me since my pregnancy in 2012, I found that the scents, treatments and overall feel of this brand make me feel secure, as strange as that may sound, it’s true. Like a warm blanket




One product in particular from de Mamiel I was keen to have shipped to me in the parcel from my assistant; the Altitude Oil – I will be flying to Fiji, Melbourne, Japan and then home to London so want this life saver with me. Created with powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, I will never fly without this again (I only wish I had packed it for my incredibly long flight over to Sydney!)




Without being able to escape the gorgeous toned surfer bodies of all who are out on the ocean across the road from my Sydney apartment, Air-Lite by Legology was the first thing I requested to be shipped from London! A state of the art contouring cream, the description on the Liberty London website was enough to have me sold “Delivering deep drainage benefits to lighten legs, this clever cream helps to reduce puffiness and cellulite, dissolve aches, pains and fatigue and rejuvenate and energise tired limbs” Yes please…




Who could not travel with Lanolips?? My skin saver! My lips are never, ever without the balm – I have some form of reaction to something (vague, I know) in every single lip balm I have tried. Every one, no matter how natural they claim to be. Lanolips is the only product that I can use to moisturise my lips without a terrible reaction the next day. I did buy Lanolips lip balm at Heathrow, I couldn’t not on a flight, but am having their skin cream shipped – I could buy it here, the brilliant founder is Australian, but seeing as I have already bought so much from this brand in London, it seemed a little strange to then buy a whole cosmetic bag more and travel home with the same products!




And then Astor, my sweet little boy who has had problems with eczema since he was tiny. Medicated washes were not our products of choice, I didn’t want anything too harsh for his skin on top of him dealing with such dryness (yes, I knew the dryness would clear, but I wanted something far more natural). Child’s Farm don’t claim to be life altering for a child’s skin, but what they do have is extreme research and an incredible team who cater for children with skin conditions such as eczema and other drying conditions. The washes I won’t be without for Astor, since using this range, his skin hasn’t been anywhere near as irritated and along with a super healthy diet, we have his skin issues under control





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