The one that took a while to master… The Scorpion Plank.


As part of the 7-day workout devised by Nike master trainer Joslyn Thompson, simple effective training combined with a nutrition plan by Rose Ferguson has taken me to a whole new level of everyday wellbeing.


I am, and have been for some time, considerate about what I put into my body and train regularly to ensure I’m at a healthy weight and am energised, but what I noticed about the 7 Day Body Reboot was that by following an eating plan down to the last chia seed (well, almost) I realised my sugar intake from my regular diet was in fact far too high. I feel more alive, less sluggish and actually enjoy working out more because of this new way of eating.


I am leaving for New York tomorrow, so this will be my last day of full training – I shall be doing all I can while away to stick to the eating plan though, I’m sure with the focus on fashion week I will be keeping a closer eye on my eating habits and doing everything I can to steer clear of the dreaded sugar








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