I’m back from New York. I landed this morning and am feeling a little tired following the overnight flight, which is never quite long enough to sleep properly. What a trip – shows, events and catching up with everyone new and old that I love in the city.

Having completed almost the entire Net-A-Porter x Nike 7 Day Body Reboot (my flight got in the way of seeing the 7 days through to the end), I landed in New York feeling somewhat different. Ordinarily when reaching New York, a city I visit several times a year, I head straight for one of my favourite restaurants to meet friends and have a hearty all American meal. This time I felt I just couldn’t. Not in a way that was restricting, just that I felt so good about my energy levels and tighter body that I simply didn’t want to throw away my good work


I continued to follow Joslyn Thompson’s workout plan during my 6 days in NY; the workouts didn’t require an enormous amount of equipment, so I bought inexpensive weights, a mat and band to continue where I left off in London – as the workouts are under 20 minutes a day, it was easy to find time to complete any one of the routines each morning


Eating was a little trickier; restaurants and eating on the move between shows meant I couldn’t follow Rose Ferguson’s plan as I had been in London, but I did avoid cakes and all other sweet things that I would perhaps have reached for when I needed a little energy boost – I had almonds and an apple instead.


Now I am back I shall be ordering the same foods that I had bought at the beginning of my Net-A-Porter 7 Day Body Reboot and starting all over again, let’s hope with London Fashion Week fast approaching I can stick to the plan with more ease being in my own city and waking in my own bed each morning…



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