The life and soul / Be seen in all the right places

Always be seen to be having fun. What’s more alluring than a girl who looks like she’s having the time of her life? Your vocal chords may be straining under the pressure of guffawing four times a minute, but my God will you look like the party girl you aspire to be.

Be the first to dance if there’s an opportunity to do so. However, you must only dance providing you have enough rhythm to carry at least a five-minute offering. Disastrous dance moves will have the opposite effect you’re going for, and one never wishes to be laughed at.

With your carefree spirit, fellow guests will be left wondering who this joyous creature is. Before the night is over, you may well catch the eye of the gorgeous human you have been dreaming of to accompany you on your rise to the top.

Be seen in all the right places

Whenever a rave review appears concerning the latest hangout of the fashion crowd, ensure you become a treasured regular. Those you want to meet in the industry will surely be there most nights drinking up their complimentary bar tab (hot venues want the hottest names in their spaces, which usually means free booze for the chosen few!)

If the price of cocktails amount to more than your weekly food allowance, simply order a bottle of water and as you are admired for your healthy approach, throw in a comment about your dedication to the latest health trend. The fact that you have not spent the equivalent of a small Chanel handbag on champagne will be understood and forgiven.

Artwork Tom Montgomery