Finding the necessary confidence / Keeping up appearances

As a new face on the social scene, it can be difficult to enter a room with the required confidence if you are alone. However, imagine the reaction when you walk into a party with the most divine specimen fawning over you.

Find either a delicious male friend or a flamboyant character who will accompany you and get you noticed. A gay best friend, Adonis cousin or a random chap you persuaded to accompany you on the promise of free booze and nibbles never fails (finding a random boy generally works with up-and-coming models, they too want to attend fashion events and network). The best option is always a loyal and witty gay best friend - there is no stereotyping here, it's proven that any beloved GBF will have no hesitation in obliging to your requests that he tells everybody you meet at the party how fabulous you are, while looking lovingly at you at regular intervals (even if he cannot take his eyes off of the charming waiters).

Keeping up appearances

You cannot have failed to noticed how perfect the influential fashion names look with their manicured hands, flawless skin and fabulous hair. It’s all thanks to the highly trained professionals at the leading salons, which as we all know cost leading prices.

Not so in this case - you too can have the all-important pampering session at the most exclusive salons in town courtesy of model evenings. If you’re willing to put yourself in the hands of a trainee for a fraction of the cost of a fully trained stylist, this is your route to follicle perfection. Be warned and be prepared, the haircut you leave with may not be one that you envisioned. At best, you’ll have hair that screams expensive. At worst, you could leave with a look that resembles Claire’s pencil cut in Fleabag. Just remember that the disasters are few and the pampered positives are many.

For a flawless face ahead of any event, make sure you’re on first name terms with every make-up artist on the counter of your favourite department store. Confidence doesn’t come purely from having the latest products slapped on your gorgeous face, but looking perfectly polished does help to get you noticed – and at this stage getting noticed is a big part of the plan. All counters offer make-up in exchange for buying a product – your make-up bag may end up overrun with eyeliner, but it’s worth it to have that glow as you enter these events. If appointments aren’t available locally, be prepared to travel for that perfect smokey eye.

Artwork Tom Montgomery