Keep up with the latest trends / Inspiration

Online resources are endless, but I find there’s nothing more satisfying than getting lost in the pages of a magazine. Read absolutely every respected style, society and interior magazine published each month, making sure to study every column inch. The combined total of these mags will be more than half your rent, so find a bookstore with a quiet corner and get reading! You’ll be using this bookstore as your private library at least once a month, so ensure you return all mags to their rightful shelves and show respect to the patient staff. It's always easy to go online, but I find so much is missed on the screen (and often there's more detailed content in the actual mags.)

There are countless sites with trend forecasts and breaking news. Find a handful of key platforms that resonate with you and be sure to check in daily for first hand fashion knowledge. Knowing which designer is in, who’s out, which company is profiting and who has the killer campaign of the season is invaluable - showing your employers and peers that you’re serious about the industry will stand you in good stead when key career opportunities arise.

Fashion influencers don’t have as much gravitas as they once did, but their sites are still a great source of inspiration for looks, loves and locations. Read content from sites that YOU love, not the ones that have the highest hits. This is all about personal taste and which influencer’s aesthetic and voice you connect with. Interpret the influencer’s style and without directly emulating their every look or blog post, take their content and create your own with this inspiration.

Competitive spirit between leading online fashion retailers had led to exceptional content creation as they lure shoppers to their sites. Most have their own editorial sections and sources of information on what’s hot and what’s not. You can also start visualizing what pieces you’ll be buying once your bank balance starts to look a little more appealing.

With all the industry information your brain has collated from reading these style bibles and sites, you will impress whoever you may be talking to with your knowledge of the hottest names and trends of the season - it could just lead to an unexpected job offer or industry opportunity.


When it comes to your new clothing collection, you may be a little lost as to your direction and just how you are going to pull off the gorgeous new image you are to create for yourself.

Find a famous figure whose original dress sense you admire and use them as your initial inspiration. Although you wish to emulate your chosen star’s style, be sure to not copy their image too obviously - you could look terribly naff dressed head-to-toe in an outfit that perfectly mirrored one they recently wore.

Take inspiration from images and add your own personal touches; the more time you practice putting pieces together, the more fabulous your outfits will look. Imitate your style icon’s tried and tested looks until you’re confident enough to create your own. Unless they think head to toe Burberry check is chic, then don’t.

My style now is pretty set. Classic blazer, jeans and white T, or a voluminous dress for day. The little black dress will forever be my go to for night. However, when initially finding my fashion feet, my style was quite a mismatch of styles I had seen and loved and I often wore a combination of them all at once - not a great look.

Having a signature style will make life far easier when shopping, dressing and having your look reflect your personality - a lot can be said just by what someone is wearing.

Artwork Tom Montgomery