Manifest / The vision board

Show gratitude for what you already have

Manifesting works hand in hand with vibrations and if you focus on what you DON’T have, you’re only going to bring more of those don’t haves your way! Every morning and evening, take 5 minutes to be thankful for what you already have – being thankful will put those positive vibrations out into the world and bring you more of the good stuff. Focus on the great friendships you have, or the way you have decorated your living space. Yes, you’re working your way up the career ladder and you want to be at the top of your game, but being grateful for all of the good in any area of your life will encourage more fortuitous opportunities to come your way.

Speak as if you already have it

The worst words you can use when manifesting are I WANT and I WISH. By using these words, you’re placing your goals in the future and by doing this you’ll always be chasing those wants and wishes! It may feel slightly odd to write I HAVE the dream job on your vision board, but when working towards anything, you need to believe you already HAVE it. In the words of a cheesy 80’s baseball movie ‘Build it and they will come’, which is exactly what you’re doing here, you’re building towards that life and it’s coming!

There are no limits.

Unless every moment of your waking life has been spent with people telling you that you can, you will and you must, you’re going to have some doubts about your abilities (we all have those doubts, it’s whether or not you admit to them.) Am I good enough? Will they accept me? Do I have enough experience? None of this matters if YOU believe you’re good enough. You need to believe this otherwise nobody else is going to. Life is a game of self-belief and by reading this guide, you know that I am proof of that. There are only the limits YOU set yourself, so you need to start believing that anything is possible.

The vision board

I live by the words on my Vision Board. I look at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. My subconscious takes it all in and keeps whatever is on my board fresh in my mind. If I’ve thrown you with talk of a Vision Board, let me elaborate… A Vision Board is something you keep in full view in a positive place in your home, somewhere that makes you feel happy. The board holds positive statements about where you’re heading in life and what you will achieve (note the WILL achieve, not the WANT to achieve.)

The board should be small and easy on the eye. Your board should have no more than 6 positive statements on it - more than 6 and your mind will get a little scrambled, diluting the energy you need to focus and manifest these statements.

No pictures! The manifesting message isn’t clear enough when using images, you need to be more direct with your I HAVE’s.

Write bold statements, read them regularly and manifest those statements into your life.

Keep things simple, you don’t want to scramble your brain with 1000 different visualisations here. We know you want to be a major player in fashion (this also applies to other industries), that’s why you found your way to these pages, so let’s start there.

First work out the exact role you eventually see yourself in - magazine editor, designer, influencer, writer or any other fabulous role you see yourself in. Ask yourself if you want industry recognition, or pots of cash. Or both.

Write a list of the 10 main points you feel would get you the life you want. Remember the I HAVE’s over the I WANT’s!

To give you an idea of where I’m going with this, below is the list I wrote when I was an aspiring fashion stylist. At the time, I had no fashion connections and not one of the statements was a reality – I VISUALISED and manifested the statements into my life.

I am the fashion editor of a leading magazine

Amazing work opportunities continue to come my way

I attend the shows each season and am given great seats

Money continues to come into my life with ease

Every great thing I thought would happen to me is happening

When penning your Vision Board statements, take time to consider the words you’re writing. You’re affirming your life goals here, you need to believe them and get excited!

Watch as slowly, but very surely, the statements become a reality. Once you have achieved each goal on the board, replace it with another – continue to do this as you manifest your rise to the top.

Not all vision board statements will manifest into your life. The ones that don’t work out were never supposed to work out. You have to give each statement time to manifest, but if after six months there’s no sign of that manifestation in your life, not even an inkling that something is coming, have a rethink on that particular point.

It may be that the I HAVE you’re removing right now reappears in your life in the future. There is no exact time limit on manifesting your vision board statements, but you don’t have years to waste here!

Behind you, beside you and in front of you are 10,000 others who want the exact life you want, so you’re going to have to manifest hard and work even harder.