Visualising the dream role / Take action

Having decided I wanted to work full time at a magazine, I was back at my favourite book store (see 'Keep Up With The Latest Trends') flicking through every publication on the shelves. Hours of page skimming later, I had a feel for the magazines (and the staff at the store had a feel for my blatant use of the store as my own fashion library.) I shortlisted the publications that didn’t bring me out in a cold sweat just thinking of working alongside the untouchable fashion team. One magazine was just the right mix of fashion, art and society and didn’t feel overly intimidating.

Once home and with a two-hour internet search later, I had the right email for the fashion director (it can be surprisingly tricky to obtain emails – but never impossible!) Sending off an upbeat email and a somewhat elevated description of my industry experience, I asked for a brief meeting to show her my work. Two days later, a response arrived in my inbox – our meeting was set for the following week. The time clashed with another meeting in my diary, but I knew I had one shot and promptly cancelled the other. Unless you’re booked in for open-heart surgery, never ask any fashion name to change their suggested meeting time – the likelihood is that you’ll never get another chance. They’re brutal!

Post-meeting (which went very well, all four and a half minutes of it) with said fashion director, I hurried home and proceeded to rip the masthead from the magazine, promptly sticking it to a wall in clear view. Crossing out the name of the fashion editor in firm black ink, I wrote my name in her place. I then had to believe the job was mine, visualising myself sitting at a desk in the fashion department. I looked at my name on that page every morning when I woke, and every night before I went to sleep. Four months passed and out of the blue, an email from the fashion director arrived in my inbox. The fashion editor whose name I had scrubbed out was pregnant and I was being offered her year-long maternity cover at the mag.

Take action

That fabulous fashion role is not going to fall straight into your lap without any work on your part. You want that dream job? Update your CV, refine your fashion knowledge and start sending those emails to prospective employers.

With each email you send, think only positive thoughts of you landing that job. If you hit send with thoughts that you’re not going to get the job – then the likelihood is that you’re NOT going to get the job! If 99 out of 100 applications are rejections, keep going! Not everyone is going to want you, but the right one will, and that’s the one that’s going to change the course of your life.

There are great jobs, there are awful jobs, but each one is leading you to where you ultimately need to get to. I’ve had some absolute shockers, but looking back, I wouldn’t be in the place I am in now if I had secured only the dream jobs. It all makes sense eventually.