Watch your back / Ignore the haters / Be kind

The fashion world can be a cut-throat one as thousands vie for limited jobs. You’re going to be up against the girl whose mother was a previous Vogue editor, or the guy who happens to be personally intimate with the industry’s most treasured designer. What they have is an IN and you need to find one sharpish.

You’re going to have to prove you deserve that job. Source great CV examples on the internet, use them as a guide and ensure yours is as clear and precise as possible. Sell yourself with your words, nobody else is going to! Be persistent, sometimes a gentle reminder of your existence is what’s needed to keep your desired boss aware that you’re keen and not giving up on that role. Befriend those you wish to work with on social media – without scaring them with stalker vibes, leave positive comments under their posts, commenting on their statements rather than just another heart emoji. Trust me, they’ll notice.

Learn to watch your back! I was once set up for an almighty fall by a tricky beauty director of a national newspaper’s Sunday supplement. Having arranged to meet her with my portfolio for potential work, she claimed I simply didn’t show, when I was clearly there with my book in hand. The editor of the mag emailed me chastising me for my appalling behavior. I promptly forwarded my email conversation with said beauty director (cc’ing her in) and the receipt from my coffee at the café, showing the time I had bought my overpriced almond latte. The Ed apologized and our future relationship was a positive one. I never did find out what happened to that magazine’s less than charming beauty director.

Ignore the haters

Unlike any other industry, where there is a fear of HR coming down hard if you say anything as inappropriate as you’re wearing the wrong shade of lipstick, in fashion there is no rap for letting rip.

I’ve been mocked for inventive dinner attire, shamed for last season’s shoes, even taken down over the choice of (admittedly super budget – I was starting out and on a shoestring remember!) hotel while at the Paris shows. You have to ignore these brutal nasties. When you’re at the top and they’re begging you to grace them with your presence on the front row, smile sweetly and say you’ll let them know.

Always remember the power in being polite - you don’t need to sink to the lowly level of any bitchy fashion folk. It’s the nice ones that get ahead!

Be kind

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a nightmare. When you’re on your way up - and equally important, when you’ve made it – remember to keep that ego in check and be kind!

Fashion tales from the past divulge details of horror stories from countless industry insiders behaving like deranged divas – and nobody wants that type of reputation following them through this fabulous life.

Treat everyone equally, help out even when it hasn’t been asked of you. Ask how someone else is feeling if they seem a little quiet. Simple things can make a HUGE difference.